Types of Melangers

Counter Top with Speed Controller

Counter Top with Speed Controller

We are the leading manufacturer and sellers of commercial Cocoa melangers. We... 

Home Use

Home Use

Cocoa Nut Butter Grinder is a powerful melanger - specific tilting design... 

Tilting Melanger

Tilting Melanger

Pride of our product Cocoa Tilting Chocolate melanger  used as  Nut Butter Grinder.... 

Professional Melangers

This Cocoa Melanger can grind cocoa bins. This model has automatic Titling feature makes it unnecessary to have to lift the vessel or drum to pour out the contents, reduces man power and avoid straining yourself.

Cleaning is a breeze, simply pour water, run the melanger for a couple of seconds and pour out the water. It almost cleans itself.

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Melt with Melangers

Desserts are the fairy tale of your kitchen, chocolate is an integral part of every dessert. Cocoa Melangers and grinders brings you home the artisan quality of chocolate making. We bring you a 100% stone grinder enabling chocolate enthusiasts to grind from BEAN to BAR. Chocolate making is FUN, SIMPLE with COCOA MELANGERS.

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